Digital Storytelling and Infographics

In my Media 195 Storytelling course we have been asked to define the terms “Digital Storytelling” and “Infographics.”

Digital Storytelling is a new and exciting way of sharing a story thanks to design programs and the internet. It is of course so much more than this though. It is a great divorce from traditional storytelling where one may be verbally communicating a story, reading a story or watching a movie. Why is this? Because Digital Storytelling has the ability to include various types of media in its presentation and more interestingly it may even engage the listener to be a part of the story so they are no longer simply a listening but play a part in the creation and fruition of the story.

Infographics are something no less engaging to me. I imagine I do not find myself alone in delighting in a well-designed infographic. Infographics can be described as a visual means of transmitting data to a recipient. There are varied beliefs on how an infographic should be designed and used. Quite humorously a debate rages on between the left and right brained individuals who are responsible for the creation of infographics. As far as my opinion on the matter a well-designed infographic is one which lends itself to the creative side and seamlessly presents the information in an aesthetically pleasing and fun manner. These are the infographics that grab the attention of the potential viewer.

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