Social Media Impacts and Influences on Storytelling

Social media has a huge impact on people through storytelling and for good or for bad it is probably just as influential or more than regular media outlets.

Thanks to the rise of the internet we have seen a change in the way people think. We can think of it as an explosion of knowledge. No longer did people have a middle man deciding the content of their media. It is now possible to find information on virtually anything you could desire. This was a huge step forward in our freedom of knowledge and access. So what happened when Social Media came on the scene? Well not only did we have the ability to choose what we wanted to view but we also had our friends suggesting to us what they think we might want to see, because they are interested in it. Storytelling then takes on the influential position of our trust and faith in that other person. This can be a highly personal experience and has moved people to do great things when the information being shared among a group is of a beneficial nature. The problem with Social media is that most of the time facts are not checked but things are shared based on a emotional connection to the video, image, or story being presented. If this information is false it can lead major amounts of people to believe that falsehood. I would not use that as an argument against social media however but rather it brings a greater level of responsibility into each persons hands.

Here are some infographics I found on the web. They mention Pinterest and I think Pinterest is a great visual example of social media storytelling that is actively engaged in helping people grow, learn and change your life for the better in all the great ideas people have on there. It seems to really help peoples creativity flow.

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