My Research on the Xennial Generation Castalano Micro-Generation

We were asked to look up information about our generation and create an infographic. Then reflect on it in a blog post:

I don’t know how much research we were supposed to do for this project but I spent a good solid two days trying to find information. The more I looked at the information on the internet about Generation X and the Millenials (Gen Y) I found that I didn’t really fit in either. As I searched I found that I wasn’t alone in this sense of alienation from “my” generation. That led me to the discover that many people believe the birth period from 1977-1984(ish) was a bit of a microcosmic generation. We were not old enough to be completely into Grunge (although I loved Nirvana) and we were too old for things like the Spice Girls (No I didn’t like them). People debated on the internet about what to call us and they settled on a few names. Xennials meaning Generation X/Millenials. Generation Castalano named after the character Jared Leto played on “My So Called Life.” I relate better to the term Xennial I remember, “My So Called Life,” but to say it defines my generation… I’m not sure. I do relate to the sense of isolation and lack of knowing where to fit that the lead character (played by Claire Danes) feels but that’s pretty much where the similarities end. Okay, maybe I dressed as dorky as she did too and had an identity crisis in school. Regardless, the Xennials are defined by the feeling of being stuck between two worlds that are colliding and not knowing where they fit in it. We came into our adolescence right when computers where becoming a part of our homes. I remember many hours spent playing Space Quest, and trying to guess the answers to get into Leisure Suit Larry (Usually I asked my Dad the answers in a sneaky way and got into the game.) I remember I was 13 when my brother convinced my parents to get “The Internet.” I had no idea what it was and I saw no point in it. That was a fleeting thing because my brother promptly racked up a huge credit card bill on my Dad’s card buying his way into er.. um… erotic sites. So the internet was gone from my house, until I was 15 and I discovered it for myself. I promptly built a website about punk rock and got a following. When at that time you could only be found on the internet if someone linked to your site. I made friends all over the earth and had a constant email buddy from Perth, Scotland. I didn’t get a cell phone until I was out of high school and I fought it. My mother wanted me to have one so she could call me whenever she wanted. I felt it was a huge invasion of privacy. To this day I resist using phones. So maybe that is the traditionalist tendencies of the Gen X coming out in me, but I embraced the digital sharing of information and my business world revolves around computers. I do miss the early days of the internet in a way because before “Social Media” it seemed that people were actually more social on the internet. This assignment opened my eyes up to the influence external things have on us and how it can affect the consciousness of an entire age group.

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