Hero’s Journey Project Management Blog – Midterm Report and First Draft


Quick sketch idea for our little character who is once again finding him/herself lost. S/he has acquired the knowledge and skills she sought but how will they be applied to life?

Questions the Hero might ask:

I can’t find a job, what can I do?

Am I skilled enough for what I am searching?

I have to repay student loans, how?

Do I need to go back to school to get another degree?

In this step since the story is not like to be one where the Hero is being chased or near slain by an enemy, we have to look at it as if the Hero is running a race in their mind. Running from their stumbling blocks of self doubt and fear one more time before knowing just how they want to apply the newly acquired skills.

The Road Back is a point of transformation. Running up against doubts as the Hero embarks back to make use of their knowledge. Will the Hero faced with fears conquer them or succumb to them?

In the college setting for our infographic lets show the feelings the Hero may be experiencing and how they may overcome them with tips and stats in this step that seek to reassure them on their path back to their world.

Second Sketch:


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