Hero’s Journey Project Management Blog – 10 Step Checklist (1-4)

Review the Digital Storytelling Project Midterm Report assignment and use the 10-Step Development Checklist on page 189 from the Digital Storytelling book to answer the numbered questions #1 through #4 for this week’s discussion related to the Digital Storytelling Project. Create a Project Management Blog Post for your answers.

  1. Premise: To inform New Students of the excitement and trials that they may face as they embark upon their Heroic Journey as a College Student.

Purpose: To Inform.

  1. New and Prospective Students at Peninsula College

They are a vast group of people and therefore have varied entertainment choices.

They range in technical sophistication as well because they come from all walks of life.

This project should appeal to them because it will have important information that pertains to their situation. It will be personally enriching.

This website: http://www.franklin.edu/blog/tag/infographic/ (Links to an external site.) has some nice infographic stats but I wasn’t able to find anything quite like what we are planning on doing. It seems far more informative on a personal and practical level.

  1. Internet and paper based (if the school chooses to print the infographic up.) I could see it      being printed up as a fun pamphlet to be provided to students regardless of what place they are in their journey.

It will be on a PC or Mobile.

It will be in the Educational genre.

  1. We are still currently working on the narrative but it will be about our Hero (the student) embarking on this new exciting experience into education.

All of the hurdles that seeking higher education can present. We are still working on this in the discussion so ideas are tentative but some are:

Cost of Education

Working and going to school

Raising children and going to school

Mental blocks

Social issues

This narrative is intended to be lighthearted.

No we don’t have a plan for game play but rather a direct route with the various issues that may arise at each step.

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