Hero’s Journey Project Management Second Draft and Brainstorming

1. Create an Online Project Management Blog Post on your progress of your step for The Hero’s Journey. Are you meeting our needs based on the Development Checklist and our stakeholders feedback ideas. Are you using the college’s website as a resource for data?

I am using the college website and the knowledge I have gained through my own schooling experience at Peninsula College. I am working through the design guide and the checklist but I never was given any information on the stakeholder’s feedback as I was not in class. I would like it if this information was summarized and made available to online only students.

2. Post an “in progress” infographics image to share and compare with classmates work. It can still be a little rough. It has been 22 days since you posted your first sketch for your Step on the Hero’s Journey. The hope is to see the connections between the steps because you have been communicating with your classmates who’s steps are before and after yours.

Here I will show you the progression of where I have come from and how far along I am right now. I would like to be further but I have to get our other assignments done too. I will be working away at this again once I get the chance.


Super Basic Outline


Adding some color and some elements


Trying to sort out my ideas


Trying to sort out how to address information presented from the treasure chests.

That is as far along as I am right now. Let me know how things go in the classroom environment and how I can change my design for the better. Oh and don’t worry the background will look way better than it does. This is all very preliminary.

3. Do use the Style Guide for The Hero’s Journey for your infographic. Remember, you are working in the medium you wish, just be sure to apply the style guide rules. Focus on your work area, the title and footer will be added later.

I am and am using the basic swatches offered and going from them. I have added a basic header for my own purposes but I am wondering… Will the header and footer be added in to the total size or will we be losing space in our image for the header and footer? This is an important question for our design purposes.

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