3D Design – Study – Game Costumes


Vampires The Masquerade: Bloodlines.

Okay so I know I’ve talked about this game before in one of these classes but I thought this would be a perfect example. The “races” in the game are called Clans and they are grouped together by their attributes. This game is based off of a Pen and Paper RPG and you can pick what group you want to be a part of based on their skills, personality, abilities and looks. Each group offers a very different gaming experience and to this day I still think this is my favorite game as far as having so many options available to play differently in a game based on your personal choices, your Clan, and your “Humanity.” The game is different almost every time you play it. It’s cool.

Back to the costumes. The Ventrue are my favorite and they dress real classy. They are basically to the Vampire world what politicians are to us common folk. Why are they my favorite if I am not a big fan of politicians? Because if you play as one, you can make people do what you want. Hah!

The costumes on these characters can be changed out through the game too but they are always specific to your clan. You cannot have a “Tremure” wearing “Nosferatu” clothing. It wont happen.

On that note, here are some videos that go through the Clans and clothing for the game.



If you haven’t tried this game, yes its dated, and the support for it ended ages ago when the company who made it tanked but you can find on the internet that awesome techie software people have added patches to make it run smoothly.

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