Digital Storytelling -The Key to Success – Pursue your Passion

They key I chose was “Pursue Your Passion” and my reason for this is because this has been a bit of a theme for me since I started my degree at Peninsula College. I was always told that I was a decent artist but that art cannot pay the bills so I should get a “normal” job. This bad advice led me to make some seriously stupid mistakes that took me further and further from my true self. The time wasted trying to be someone I was not cannot come back to me but I can do right by myself and follow my passion now. I have been for the last two years and I must say I have enjoyed it all the way through. It is my hope this Key I have made will at least be a starting point for students to unlock their own passion and truly be themselves. passion key

The reference image I was given to model my key.


Early model when I was learning to make a key shape.

passion 3d

Finished model rendered in 3Ds Max


My avatar looking at the imported key in Second Life. It looks VERY different from the 3Ds Max file.


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