3D Design, Environments, and Immersion


My Second Life  Avatar

What I have learned over the course of this quarter has deeply changed the way I look at design and its applications. I have until this point for the most part worked entirely in the 2D realm with only the most basic concept of working in Illustrator 3D workspace.

I now see objects when designing as a whole rather than as a picture of an object. In the world around me I look at an object and  I think about how I could model it. What an amazing experience to be able to look at the world with a new perspective. It feels liberating to know how nature creates the simplest of objects in our eyes and how complex they actually are.

Joining Second Life was challenging for me the class scheduled time was in contrast with my schedule but finally I was able to make it in and scratch the surface of things. I am very excited about the prospects of what these virtual worlds have to offer and I look forward to creating content for sale on Second Life.

My next step in forwarding myself along this journey is to upgrade my hardware. I need a computer and graphics card that can handle what the more advanced programs demand. This should happen soon and when it does I know I will be able to make far better designs.

I am excited to integrate the 3D realm into my own design work as far as Mobile Application Development and Animation.


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