Media 196 – 3D Design Final Presentation Gallery

Welcome to my Media 196 – Hero’s Journey Final Presentation Gallery

Here you will see my progress throughout the quarter as I learned for the first time how to utilize 3D programs to create art for the ongoing Peninsula College project of the Hero’s Journey.

Visual Vocabulary – Textures Gallery

The first part of this presentation will be what is called “Visual Vocabulary.” Each week we were tasked with words to either create graphics for or go out and take snapshots of objects that would make good textures for our objects. This was a fun project and I played around with different mediums for my visual vocab.

Previsualization “Previs” Gallery

We were asked to “pre-visualize” out work before we started prototyping the objects we were to create in this course. Below you will see my Previs Boards that gave way to my projects.



Prototyping Gallery

This part of my presentation is to show you how my project workflow was from start to finish on some key projects.

The Treasure Chest

texture box ray

texture box

As I was first figuring out building objects in 3Ds Max and adding my own textures I decided to have a go at an early attempt for the Treasure Chest. The above designs were made before I had much understanding of the program at all.

Chest Basic

Chest Basic2

The second prototype for my treasure chest after I figured out the basic shape I wanted for it.


This is my finished project after figuring out how to unwrap my texture and apply it to my box properly.

The Key to Success

passion key

The reference image I was given for this project.


My initial design created in Blender while I was still trying to sort out how to get 3Ds Max working on my computer again.

passion 3d

My final design built in 3Ds Max 2010. The colors are flat unlike the texture I created for it. and it is not as smooth as I wanted it to be but I think it turned out well despite my issues.


When the key was imported to Second Life it turned out like this. What happened?

3D Design Gallery

The next part of my presentation is about the 3D designs I created in class. This was quite a  journey. One fraught with difficulty and frustration. In the beginning technology was against me and despite my handicaps I managed to persevere. Below you will see my efforts chronologically as they unfolded. This experience was trying but has dramatically changed my world view. I once was terrified of the prospect of using a 3D workspace and now it excites me.

Everything in this gallery created in 3Ds Max 2010 & 2016


Project 1 – Dice

My first design attempt from a youtube tutorial. I changed the colors, rendered them and took them over to Photoshop and added a background.


Project 2 – 3D Text

We were asked to create some extruded text for this project. I did a basic design of my brand name.

Project 3 – Spoon

Since I couldn’t use Photoshop for 3D I had to come up with my own projects often and this spoon was a challenging but fun undertaking.


Project 4 – Chain on Tire

I chose to learn how to make objects look natural in this project. The chain links I created actually were programmed in an animation to “fall” on the tire to emulate the effect of how a real chain would lay.


Project 5 – Pokeball

This project helped me to understand lighting, textures and placement as well as the mental ray rendering ability in 3Ds Max.

couch 2couch

Project 6 – Couch

This project was another one I had to improvise since the book assignments proved futile with me as the program didn’t have the necessary plugins. In this project I learned how to apply my own textures I had created in my Visual Vocabulary and I got a little bit crazy with lighting experimentation.

Project 7 – Treasure Chest

As shown previously, we were tasked with making objects for the Hero’s Journey Second Life online experience. I made a treasure chest for this project using 3Ds Max 2016.

passion 3d

Project 8 – A Key to Success – Pursue Your Passion

We were asked to redesign in the 3D environment on of the “Keys to Success” for the Hero’s Journey. I chose “Pursue your Passion.” This was challenging for me because by this point in the course my computer decided to stop recognizing my graphics card and I had to revert from 3Ds Max 2016 to 3Ds Max 2010. The differences in quality are stark. I was also surprised when my key was imported to Second Life how dramatically different it was in game.


Project 9 – Madrone Tree

This project was a major disappointment for me. I was very excited to create a Madrone Tree but when my technology took a turn on my and I had to revert to the older version of 3Ds Max all sorts of issues began coming up. My ability to select multiple vertices with the shift select command and to “join” vertices was rendered impossible.  I was very limited in what I was able to accomplish despite the effort I put in. When my technology is upgraded and I can work within the 3Ds Max 2016 workspace again I am sad to say that this is as far as I could get. My intention is to tackle this once I can and create a full and realistic model.


Bringing a Close to my Final Presentation




This class has brought me further along my own “Hero’s Journey.” It has challenged and frustrated me most of the time. Many say that if you are not in discomfort then you are not learning and growing. I find that thought very apt for what I have learned here this quarter.

My design courses up to this point had always been within familiar territory for me but this has taken me completely out of my comfort zone and I am grateful to have had the experience.

I felt very much akin to my classmates who were struggling through the projects and when we had questions we went to each other and helped each other with our problems. This was both fulfilling to me and helpful.

Learning about the virtual environments like Second Life and all the potential they have has expanded my consciousness to new and exciting levels. There is so much potential there.

I look forward to seeing what happens next on the Hero’s Journey for Peninsula College and it’s students of the Media program. Although next quarter is my last quarter at the school I feel deeply connected to the school, it’s teachers and the folks who shared this journey with me.

Many thanks to you all,


aka, Grimnirvarg (Find me on Second Life)